communist retrospective

While Western Europe was adopting movements like Memphis, Art Deco, Neon Noir, 1980s Romania, her home country, was still under

communist rule.


This way I was inspired to create a game room, that has the appearance of an arcade game room, a symbol of the 1980s. The room combines the playfulness of my way of working with real stories from 

Communist Romania.


My goal was to create a space, in which the eastern‘s everyday struggles

are hidden under a western approach to everyday life.


Communist RETROspective is an art installation consisting of three games,

inspired by stories from communist Romania, especially 1980s and

Nicolae Ceausescu’s rule. 


The first game is a 3D board game called “The waiting line” in which I tried to depict every day’s living expenses and how most of the time you have to pay a lot of money for basic services, but it’s just a few moments when you earn something in return. The game can be played by a maximum of 5 people and can take between 5-15 minutes

(time set for the exhibition display).

The second game presents “The factory life”, an interactive wall piece inspired by different tasks the working class had to do in different factories. In this game, you have to work together with another person “a comrade” in order to achieve a bigger goal. The purpose of the game is for you to collect “water drops”, for your daily intake or electricity, since they were given to people in a certain ratio. 


The last game is a digital game displayed on a retro arcade cabinet. The game is called “The golden era” and it depicts a person’s life within the communist system from a very small age, to the moment when they should become members of the party. The game has 3 levels, each one presenting an activity that the specific group had to do while being a member

of several communist organizations. The goal of the game is to become a member of the Communist Party.


The project is a collaboration between a few students from Minerva Academy, coordinated by Antonia Oana, who’s role was the one of an art director, content creator, and designer. Over the past year, she researched the subjects and she developed the concept for the installation and for the three games and organized meetings with her team. The group worked based on the concept she realized in the research phase of the project.


The students involved in the project are: Anokhina Kseniia, Rein van der WoerdAndrei Bucoveanu, Deniz Dilek, Arne Hellwege, and

Stephan van der Woerd.

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